When performed vigorously, Rebounding is right up there with jumping rope which has been cited as the Champion of calorie burning exercises- only without the heavy impact. Rebounding is not only one of the most fun and enjoyable ways to get fit, lose weight and tone up, it is also a highly effective booster for your lymphatic and immune systems – tangibly improving your energy levels, zest for life and overall health. Also Known as “Cellular Aerobics”
Rebounding strengthens and rejuvenates EVERY SINGLE CELL in your body (in your bones, muscles, eyes, internal organs, glands, connective tissue, skin etc) Bouncing even just for 3 minutes, flushes the entire lymphatic system (a bit like having 10 masseurs available whenever you need a lymph drainage massage)- and triples your bodies white blood count!!! It has been endorsed by the Cancer Association of South Africa. 4 Ever Young instructors have all been certified by Rebound S.A and have the experience, competence and passion to ensure that every rebound exercise session is great fun and highly effective. Our instructors prepare fun and varied routines incorporating the rebounder in interval training, boot camp routines, weight training etc.


Rebounding aids in digestion, detoxifies the body, encourages elimination of toxins and stimulates lymph drainage by 30x more than regular exercise.
It boosts your metabolism, helping your body to burn more calories in a fraction of the time compared to other cardio forms. This makes it a supreme fat buster. Did you know that just 2 minutes of rebounding is the equivalent of 6 minutes of running, 10 minutes of swimming and 22 minutes of walking? You cannot afford not to partake in this incredibly beneficial exercise.
Studies have shown that rebounding is superior to other forms  of cardio. Thereby strengthening the heart and cardiovascular system.
It is a natural energy booster and excellent mood regulator. It stimulates the release of happy hormones in the brain. Enhancing the quality of your day and leading to better sleep quality at night. Your Libido will thank you!!!
Rebounding engages and strengthens the core muscles. And increases strength and endurance.
It reduces inflammation in the body. Contributing to better organ funcionality. It also boosts the immune system through various physiological processes.
It increases bone density and leads to a healthy skeletal system.
If you are concerned about your balance, rebounding will enhance your balance and coordination as well as your focus and concentration.
It is an exercise component that is truly anti-ageing. Reducing cellulite and improving varicose veins too.

Rebounding classes are held once a week , on a Friday from 9h00 to 10h00 at the Laudium Studio. The class is done with each client in mind and the trainer always ensures that your posture is correct to reap optimum results. The routine is modified each week to keep it fun and exciting.