4 Ever Young Health & Fitness Studio | Sara Ismail

Sara Ismail


Sara Ismail is both a Callanetics and Rebound instructor and the owner of 4Ever Young Heath and Fitness Studios.

She completed her Callanetics qualification in  2004 and has been teaching Callanetics continually since then. She further attended all follow up workshops and is now a Senior Callanetics instructor affiliated to the Callanetics Teacher Association of S.A.

She completed her Rebounding training in 2011and has been teaching classes at 4Ever Young Studios both in Laudium and Centurion

She established 4 Ever Young Callanetics Studio in 2006 and by 2009 expanded the studio to accommodate for the increasing clientele and also offered “low impact” cardiovascular sessions providing her clients with a complete fitness program.

4Ever Young Callanetics Studio became Ever Young Heath and Fitness Studio.

Later she added Hot Yoga and replaced the low impact cardiovascular sessions with rebounding a non impact, cardiovascular routine.

4 Ever Young is now a specialist non-impact exercise studio offering Callanetics, Rebounding and Hot Yoga.

In 2012 Sara started teaching classes in Eldoraigne Centurion at Fanatix Dance Studio and will be opening her second studio in April.

She participated in a live interview on Radio Islam in 2011 on “healthy feet”.

In 2012 she was invited by the Islamic Medical Association to do a presentation on Callanetics.

She is an active and participating member of the Callanetics Teachers Association.

Sara also conducts private sessions for clients with special needs, the elderly, injuries, knee replacements and various health conditions.

Sara’s Training includes:

    • The South African Callanetics programme & follow up
    • The S.A Callanetics Exercise Ball Programme & follow up
    • The S.A Callnetics Elastic Band Programme & follow up
    • Nutrition Workshop
    • The South African Callanetics Pelvic Floor Workshop
    • The S.A Callanetics Face workshop
    • The S.A Callanetics Foot workshop

Rebounding Certificate

All ten of the Spiraldynamik Series “from head to toe”:

  • Healthy Feet,
  • Strong knees,
  • Unconstrained hips,
  • Vital pelvis,
  • Stable Lumbar Spine,
  • Flexible Thorax,
  • Strong Shoulders,
  • Upright Neck,
  • Relaxed Jaw
  • Precise Hands

Sara  Is currently studying the Comprehensive Kinetic Precision Masters of Movement Course with “Pilates Unlimited” to assist her in further understanding the body, muscles and how they relate to movement.

4 Ever Young Health & Fitness Studio | Magan Crouse

Megan Crous

Fitness Instructor

Megan started doing yoga in 2003/2004. She enjoyed it so much that three years later she took the opportunity to do her teachers training through Yoga Circle in Waverly, Pretoria.

After a year of training and 150 hours of practical yoga she completed the training in 2007.

Her training includes Pregnancy yoga. Megan has been teaching hot Yoga since 2010 at 4 Ever Young Studio in Laudium.

She has done the following short courses and training:

  • Kiddies Yoga
  • Basic Pilates
  • Zen Pilates
  • Aqua Aerobics
  • Yoga Training

Instructor course in Rebounding with Rebounding S.A and has been teaching rebounding  at 4 Ever Young Studio in Laudium since 2011/12 and Centurion.

Through teaching at the Virgin Active she completed her training in –Zen Pilates (a combination of Yoga and Pilates).

She has been teaching Zen Pilates since 2011/2012.

Megan has completed  an exercise science course to add to her skills