“it is said that one hour of Callanetics is equivalent to 24 hours of aerobic dancing in terms of visible sculpting of the body.”

Also known as body architecture callanetics for people who have the highest expectation and little time.Visible results can be seen within two weeks of starting classes.

Callanetics will firm, tone and sculpt your body without building bulk Callanetics uses many tiny three dimensional movements that are applied to the deepest muscle layers together with stretching and relaxation to give you long lean looking muscle.

This together with the anatomically correct use of the body, intensive activation of the pelvic floor and optimal lengthening of the spine ,results in a long ,lean looking body.

Furthermore a special lightness is experienced and Callanetics clients have even reported that they have grown a “few centimeters.


Utmost care is taken of your back and joints.Every exercise is in harmony with your bodies anatomy. Dynamic stretching also strengthens joints and muscles.
Callaneticsis safe for pregnancy,injuries and back problems and for all fitness levels and ages.

4 Ever Young and it’s instructors are fully affiliated to the Callanetics Teachers Association of South Africa and attend regular workshops to keep themselves abreast of latest developments.
To find about more about Callanetics and the Callanetics Teachers Association of S.A please visit their website here.