I have been doing Callanetics at 4 Ever Young Health and Fitness since 2007. I fell pregnant, took some time of and have been back at Callanetics ever since. My eldest daughter had a “Limb lengthening” procedure done about two years ago.From attending Sara’s group Callanetics session and experiencing the benefits of Callanetics for myself, I realised that the strengthening exercises,stretches and Sara’s consistent correction of posture and alignment was exactly what my daughter needed. So my daughter now attends private sessions with Sara twice a week. Her progress has been remarkable.When she started with Sara she was walking with the aid of one crutch.Within a month Amaarah was walking without the aid of crutches.The doctors are very happy with the strength she has developed in her muscles and Amaarah has become so aware of her posture that she consistently reminds herself, and me, of correct posture. Amaarah is now less conscious of herself, her confidence has improved and runs around and plays as every 13 year old girl should.

Zakiya Hassen, 33

I have Cerebal Palsy and I have been doing Callanetics now for the past two years to strengthen my muscles, tone my body and keep fit.Because of my condition I have always done some form of strengthening exercise or the other and I have found Callanetics to be “the most effective”.Sara consistently reminds me to relax my neck and shoulders when they tense up while doing my exercises.She makes sure that my posture and alignment is correct and will always bring to my attention which muscles we are working.But what I enjoy most of all is that you never know what to expect. Sara makes each session fun and challenging and gives you such a variety of exercises using different tools, such as therabands,stability balls etc, that you leave your session really looking forward to the next one.”

Shezaad Cassim ,19