Private Session 30 Min

4Everyoung Fitness offers 1-on-1 tailored programmes in a private setting. A private session is client specific, your needs will be evaluated and a programme will be recommended.

A 30 minute private session will cost R250.


  • Sports : a number of sport and recreational activities like Horseriding, Cycling and others, cause muscle imbalance. A full analysis will be performed by Sara to determine the areas that need attention. Sara will work out a rehabilitation programme to correct these imbalances

  • Specific Conditions :
  1. Scoliosis (curvature of the spine) causes structural imbalance. Sara will evaluate the degree of instability in the client and work out a tailored programme to restore alignment.
  2. Cerebral Palsy
  3. Back Problems including postural alignment.

Client specific training usually begins with 1-2 private sessions (unless more are required). These sessions are especially important to determine the programme required for the client and to work on awareness.

Once the client is comfortable or has reached a certain level of readiness, he/she will be incorporated into the group class. In the group class the exercises will be modified according to the clients level of ability.